U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Aiden Herring, 316th Medical Squadron immunization technician, prepares a dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington D.C., Dec. 30, 2020. The Department of Defense remains committed to protecting our service members, civilian employees, and families around the globe; safeguarding our national security capabilities; and supporting the whole-of-nation response. When available, the DOD will ensure the vaccine is available for all beneficiaries. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Stuart Bright)

You are either Working for the Virus or Working for Your Fellow Man

Explanations why people don’t get vaccinated have as much to do with the bias of the reporter as the data available. For instance, Black and Hispanic minority groups were labeled “hesitant.” The plain truth is they have poor access to medical services. CVS and Walgreens don’t locate in their neighborhoods…

All the pandemics in history burn themselves out when all the susceptible patients had either died or dispersed. The Black Death ended with evacuation of the cities. London failed to learn the lesson, and had periodic outbreaks for the next 200 years. Our failure to follow the guidance of the Great Barrington Declaration strategy to fight COVID is probably responsible for the majority of deaths. We will have more frequent pandemics as we encroach on other species’ domains. Perhaps we will learn from this pandemic, but I remain skeptical because we have yet to learn from past pandemics.

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Dear John,

It has been three weeks since the first report of the omicron variant. The newspapers are filled with headlines with contradictory information. If you feel confused, you are not alone.

What should one do about omicron?

First, take a deep breath.

We have the playbook for this. It is called layered defense. In 2020…

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The Omicron variant of Covid — 19 was reported by Dr. Angelique Coetzee in Pretoria, South Africa on November 18. A stream of coronavirus-positive patients in their 20s and 30s with intense prolonged fatigue with headache and no loss of smell or taste. Dr. Coetzee recognized several likely conclusions:

  1. Omicron…

Will you Help Save the Elephants?

Photo by Larry Li on Unsplash

In 2012, oncologist Joshua Schiffman of the Huntsman Cancer Center encountered an elephant that would change his life. He had taken his children to the Hogle zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had recently lost their Bernese Mountain dog to cancer at age ten. Schiffman was astonished to learn…

Listen carefully: amyloid and tau are products of inflammation causing dementia, not the cause. Biogen's last two studies make 180 consecutive failed studies. Please see the 90+ study (Kawas) - half of fully functioning 90 year olds are riddled with amyloid and tau. Google "Alzheimer's cabal" to se how other hypotheses have been discouraged.

A mammogram at National Cancer Institute | courtesy National Cancer Institute and Unsplash

Why Is It Not in Common Use?

Cancer cells are hypermetabolic. They manufacture cholesterol at elevated rates to build new cell walls which enables their uncontrolled growth. In cell cultures, tumors deprived of cholesterol stop growing. Pravachol (pravastatin), licensed in 1986, was the first drug to block the production of cholesterol in the liver. It lowered blood…

Good piece again Dr. Hunter. However, I would give serious consideration to hormonal therapy, which endorsed by the Women's Health Initiative in 2012 because it remedies sleep disturbances (50% of menopausal women) so they stay active and nets out a 25% decrease in heart disease. Increase risk of breast cancer is either small or debatable.

Time to Use Masks Again in Indoors Public Spaces

COVID-19 from CDC/Unsplash

The Dangerous Delta COVID-21 Virus

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is the fourth major mutation of the pandemic. It has modified spike proteins which attach more efficiently to human cells than COVID-19. Its genetic programming is more potent — infected cells…

James Katz MD, MPH

Medical practitioner/investigator who goes where the evidence leads.

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